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About Wego

Wego was founded in 2005 with the key purpose of helping travellers save time, pay less and travel more. Wego utilizes search science and technology to enable online users to navigate a plethora of OTAs, flights and hotel sites to find the best price and value out there — all in one user friendly interface. We're all about providing value and efficiency, and we take that same approach when it comes to our stack of advertising solutions. With our latest advertising technology, we can help you leverage the right target audience at the right price — helping you to minimize wastage and attain maximum ROI.


Wego's audiences are unique — they're closer to the bottom of the purchase funnel in making a travel booking than anywhere else. Over the years we've amassed a huge amount of first party user data — data that is all about someone's travel intent, habits, even budgets. Based on your campaign objectives, we are able to customize unique user segments, giving you unmatched targeting — both on Wego and off. And because less than half of all our users search with a fixed destination in mind, Wego remains a place of exploration and discovery. Take the chance to shape brand awareness for products & services that could promote, inspire and excite that next travel getaway.  

Ad Exchanges:

Through its DSPs, Wego accesses the ad exchanges, technology platforms that facilitate the bidded buying and selling of online media advertising inventory. Wego plugs into the following AdExchanges through its multiple DSPs
Wego plugs into multiple DSP

DSP (Demand-Side Platform) :

Wego plugs into a variety of Demand-Side Platforms to perform its retargeting and remarketing campaign strategies. We work across various DSPs to bid for impressions of audiences from across varying regions and markets.

Trading Desk:

Wego’s team of specialized ad operations personnel that manages programmatic, bid-based media and audience buying for Wego’s many advertising campaigns.


Wego aggregates its data onto a DMP, which serves as a unifying platform to collect, organize, and activate Wego’s first party data and combine it with useful third-party data to create robust audience segments for retargeting.

1st Party Data:

Wego has, over the years, amassed a mountain of first party data. This premium, propriety first party data enables advertisers to plug into real data and insights, enabling them to access real buyers with strong travel intent.


Wego's unique first party data and targeting know-how ensures your media ad dollars deliver above and beyond. With our newly introduced technology stack, connected to multiple DSPs and trading desks, we now have direct buys and programmatic offerings made possible.
  • First party data
  • Dynamic user segments
  • Custom retargeting
  • Audience extension

Target By


  • New Newly introduced formats
  • Impact High impact placements
  • Extend Audience extension through programmatic buying
  • Tailored Tailored solutions by Verticals
  • Creation Content curation via TED or Microsite
  • Coming Soon.. Great brand case studies

Harness the power of Wego's first party data today to channel your brand presence to the key audience segments you desire.

今天上海快3开奖结果i Leverage our targeted scale and programmatic buying solutions to deliver high performance, highly optimized and cost effective ads that give you the best bang for your buck.

Talk to one of our media representatives [email protected] to get your tailored solution today.

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